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03-Jun-2017 17:29

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Also in the member's admin area you will see a section called (members) explaining: Currently Online Mod's Online Total Registered We want this field removed form the member's area and placed in the site admin (we don't want users to know how many people are online but we still want to have this information available to the site admin team) and in the field on the page where this is taken out we want it replaced with a copy of(TOP RATED) this section can be seen on our index page,(photos of top rated members) Also In the member's admin area there is a link on the left hand side of the page saying (Forum) we have stopped the forum and need this link changing to (news) and linked to our news page.

Create powerful dating web site with variety of features and options.

Secondly, admin can easily edit language file within the admin area and create new language file to run site in any other/s languages.

Finally, css files that are responsibly of site navigation styles and site colors made editable in admin area.

In addition random quotes feature has been developed to ae Dating 3.1 that bring enlightening, wise, funny and just useful quotes to dating community.This adds power and credibility to dating Dating now features such option with new IM based on flash technologies.And to keep them updated Update notification section was integrated to main page of admin panel. 3) Powerful Flash Instant Messenger Main concern of all dating sites is immediate communication.

It is sought out by all owners of dating sites that their clients have private and instant online communication.Hey folks, are you interested in a custom solution ?