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She is Rin's classmate and is always searching for news. Essence , there are four new storylines available in the game. That's why she knows about Rin's and Kaede's tragic past. She's quite self-confident, firmly stepping on the ground, single, attractive and is frequently the victim of pickup lines, including from the Lord of Devils and Itsuki.Tsubomi is Kareha's younger sister, and like Kareha, she has a tendency to space out when she see something romantic or cute. It appears she has some martial arts training (being able to slice a bottle with her bare hand).She has a habit of dealing out very strong punishments such as writing 100-page reports and dragging a tire around the track for minor offenses.

The first was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's magazine Comptiq between December 20.Each girl became lost after wandering through the human world.During that time, Rin befriended each girl after playing with them for a day.In Daisy's path, Erica Suzuran makes her first appearance as a secondary character and Ruri Matsuri appears as the second main heroine, but she does not have any sex scenes.

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The story takes place in a fictional universe where humans live in harmony with gods, resembling humans with slightly pointed ears, and devils (demons in the English dub of the anime), who have more prominently pointed ears.After some more conversation the visual novel ends.