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015080 JOSHI M (Pain Management Programme, , 4-1-1277, Kingkoti, Abids, Hyderabad-500 001) : Evaluation of pain.

015075 JAYARAMAN L, SHARMA S, SETHI N, SOOD J, KUMAR V P (Anaesthesiology Dep, Pain and Perioperative Medicine, Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Old Rajinder Nagar, New Delhi-110 060, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Does intraoperative music therapy or positive therapeutic suggestions during general anaesthesia affect the postoperative outcome? Bull Postgrad Inst Med Educ Res 2006, 40(2), 69-74.

Ambedkar Univ, Agra-282 002, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Morphological changes in floral parts of Crataeva religiosa Forst.

014932 SHUKLA C, SAXENA O P (Boatny Department, Seed Biology Laboroatry, University School of Sciences, Gujrat University, Ahmedabad-380 009, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Characterization of parents and hybrid of cotton on the basis of morphological and molecular markers. (Vigna radiata linn.) as affected by pretreatment with fluridone and paclobutrazol. 014939 THOMBRE M V, DESHMUKH S U (Ajeet Seeds Ltd., Chitegaon, Aurangabad-431 105) : Isolation of genetic male sterile mutant in okra [Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench.]. 014940 THOYALAKSHA, RAVISHANKAR RAI V (Studies in Applied Botany Dep, Biotechnology Univ of Mysore, Manasagangotri, Mysore-570 006, E-Mail : [email protected]) : In vitro multiplication of Amomum microstephanum Baker - an endangered species . 014941 VANITHA C, RAMAMOORTHY K, SIVASUBRAMANIAM K (Seed Science and Technology Unit, and Research Institute, Madurai-625 104) : Determination of physiological maturity for higher seed quality in chicory (Cichorium intybus L) cv. (cypriniformes:psilorhynchidae) from Arunachal Pradesh. Punjabrao Deshmukh Krishi Vidyapeeth, Akola-444 004) : In vitro multiplication of Ficus benjamina cv. 92, , Kolkata-700 009) : Pulmonary function in male brick field workers. 015017 CHATTOPADHYAY U K, RASHID M, SUR S K ( Microbiology Dep, All India Institute of Hygiene & Public Health, Kolkata) : Knowledge, attitude and practices about zoonoses with reference to campylobacteriosis in a rural area of West Bengal. 015018 CHATURVEDI S, SINGH Z, BANERJEE A, KHERA A, JOSHI R K, DHRUBAJYOTI D (P S M Dep, AFMC, Pune-411 040) : Sexual behaviour among long distance truck drivers. 015019 CHAUDHARY R N, ZAMA M M S (Div of Veterinary Surgery & Radiology, Faculty of Veterinary Sci & A.

Chernivtsi, Ukraine, 58012, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Polarization correlometry of biological tissue speckle-images and diagnostics of their physiological state III. Marg, New Delhi-110 002, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Synthesis, spectral and physicochemical studies of Co) derived from 2-acetyl thiophene. 014759 CHANDRA S, SHARMA S (Department of Chemistry, Zakir Husain College, University of Delhi, J.

Polarization-correlation structure of speckle-images of biological tissues birefringernt nets and their pathological changes diagnostics . 014647 AWASTHI K, KULSHRESHTHA V, TRIPATHI B, ACHARYA N K, SINGH M, VIJAY Y K (Physics Dep, University of Rajasthan, Jaipur-302 004, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Transport through track etched polymeric blend membrane. 014648 BALAJI RAO R, SRINIVASA REDDY M, YADAGIRI REDDY P, VEERAIAH N (Department of Physics, Acharya Nagarjuna University P. Centre, Nuzvid 521 201, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Dielectric and optical properties-structure correlations in Ni O doped Li glasses. 014649 BANERJEE F, CHATTERJEE A, VERMA M, SURI A K (Time and Frequency Section, National Physical Laboratory, New Delhi-110 012) : Improvements of Indian standard time at NPL, , maintained through GPS network. 014650 BASHKATOV A N, KOROLEVICH A N, TUCHIN V V, SINICHKIN Y P, GENINA E A, STOLNITZ M M, DUBINA N S, VECHERINSKI S I, BELSLEY M S (Dep of Optics and Biomedical Physics of Saratov State Univ, Institute of Optics and Biophysics, Saratov, Russia) : In vivo investigation of human skin optical clearing and blood microcirculation under the action of glucose solution. 014651 BASKARAN R, SUBRAMANIAN V, SELVAKUMARAN T S ( Radiology Safety Div, Safety Group, for Atomic Research, Kalpakkam-603 102) : Real time measurement of aerosol size distribution using mastersizer. 014652 BEDRROV A A, ORAEVSKY A A (Microbiology & Immunology Dep, Univ of Texas Medical Branch, ) : Comparison of glucose effect in model media and biological tissue measured using time-resolved optoacoustic method. 014653 BHAT J S, MADDANI K I, KARGUPPIKAR A M (Physics Dep, , Dharwad-580 003, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Infulunce of Zn doping on electrical and optical properties of multialyered tin oxide thin films. 014654 BHAT K N (ECE Department, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore-560 012) : Wafer bonding - a powerful tool for MEMS. 014655 BHATT V, CHANDRA S, SUSHIL KUMAR, RAUTHAN C M S, DIXIT P N (Centre for Applied Research in Electronics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, New Delhi-110 016, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Stress evaluation of RF sputtered silicon dioxide films for MEMS. 014656 BHATTACHARYA P P, BANERJEE P K (Electronics and Communication Engineering Dep, Netaji Subhash Engineering College, Techno City, Police Para, Garia, E-Mail : [email protected]) : New velocity dependent variable hysteresis-margin-based call handover scheme. 014657 BHATTI H S, GUPTA A, VERMA N K, SUNIL KUMAR ( Physics Dep, , Patiala-147 002, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Optical properties of Zn O phosphors activated with Mn and Se impurity. 014658 BINU S, MAHADEVAN PILLAI V P, CHANDRASEKARAN N ( Optoelectronics Dep, , Thiruvananthapuram-695 581 ) : OTDR based fiber optic microbend sensor for distributed sensing applications in structural pressure monitoring. 014659 BISWAS P K, DEL A, DUA L K, CHKODA L (Sol-Gel Div, Central Glass and Ceramic Researeh Institute, Kolkata-700 032, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Surface charecterization of sol-gel derived indium tin oxide films on glass. 014660 BRAHMA R, GHANSHYAM KRISHNA M, BHATNAGAR A K ( , Hyderabad-500 046, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Optical, structural and electrical properties of Mn doped tin oxide thin film . 014661 CHANDRA S, BHATT V, RAVINDRA SINGH, SHARMA P, PAL P (Centre for Applied Research in Electronics, Indian Institute of Technology Delhi, Hauz-khas, New Delhi-110 016, E-Mail : [email protected]) : MEMS prototyping using RF sputtered films. 014662 CHERNOVA S P, PRAVDIN A B (Saratov State Univ, 83 Asrakhanskaya, 410012 , Bhubaneswar-751 004) : Thermo-acoustic study of cobalt (III) complexes in aqueous and binary aqueous media . 014664 DHARMARAJ T, MURTHY B S, SIVARAMAKRISHNAN S ( Indian Institute of Tropical Meteorology, and West Coast station during weak phase of the Indian summer monsoon. 014665 DUA P, PANWAR S, SINGH I (Physics Dep, Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee-247 667) : Role of inter-site hybrid interactions itinerant ferromagnetism. 014666 GAIKWAD S A, SAMUEL E P, PATIL D S, GAUTAM D K ( Department of Electronics, North Maharashtra University, Jalgaon-425 001, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Temperature dependent analysis of refractive index band gap and recombination coefficient in nitride semiconductor lasers. 014667 GANGULY P, BISWAS J C, LAHIRI S K (Integrated Optics Laboratory, Advanced Technology Centre, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur-721 302, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Design of single mode annealed proton exchange Li Nb O waveguides by effective-index based matrix method. 014668 GOSWAMI N, KRISHAN LAL, MIAO J, HARTNAGEL H L ( National Physics Laboratory, New Delhi-110 012, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Microfabrication and characterization of gallium arsenide membranes for force sensor applications. 014669 GUNASEKARAN S, SESHADRI S, MUTHU S (PG & Research Physics Dep, Pachaiyappa's College, Chennai-600 030) : Vibrational spectra and normal coordinate analysis of flucytosine. 014670 HAO Y (National key Lab of Micro/Nano Fabrication Technology, Institute of Microelectronics, Peking University, Beijing, 100 871, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Silicon-based MEMS fabrication technique and standardization. 014671 HARISH BAHADUR, ET AL (National Physical Laboratory, -110 012) : Nano-structured Zn O films by sol-gel process. 014672 ISSAC SAMUEL E, SESHU BAI V (Mechanical Mettalugry Division, Indira Gandhi Centre for Research, Kalpakkam-603 102, E-Mail : issac @in) : ac MH loop measurements on Mn doped YBa-δ superconductors. 014673 JAIN V K (CSIO (Delhi Centre), CSIR Complex, Pusa Campus, New Delhi-110 012) : Uncooled infrared detectors based on MEMS technologies. 014674 JIA-TIAN Z, YING-LE L (School of Electronic Engineering, Xi'an Shiyou University, Xi'an-710 065) : A new research apporach of electromagnetic theroy and its applications. 014675 JIANBIN L (State Key Laboratory of Tribiology, ) : Variation of surface layer during chemical mechanical polish. 014676 JOSHI M, KALE N, MUKHERJEE S, LAL R, RAMGOPAL RAO V (Micro-fabrication Laboratory, Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai-400 076, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Affinity cantilever sensors for cardiac diagnostics. 014677 JOSHI S J, PAREKH B B, VOHRA K D, JOSHI M J ( Physics Dep, Saurasthra University, Rajkot-360 005, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Growth and characterization of gel grown pure and mixed iron-manganese levo-tartrate crystals. 014678 KAL S, DAS S (Department of Electronics & ECE, Advanced Technology Centre, Indian , Kharagpur-721 302) : Development of silicon and quartz based MEMS high precision accelerometers. 014679 KANNAPPAN V, CHIDAMBARA VINAYAGAM S, (Post Graduate Dep of Chemistry, , Chennai-600 005) : Ultrasonic investigation of ion-solvent interactions in aqueous and non-aqueous solutions of transition and inner transition metal ions . 014680 KANNAPPAN V, CHIDAMBARA VINAYAGAM S, ( Postgraduate Chemistry Dep, , Chennai-600 005) : Ultrasonic study ion-solvent interactions in aqueous and non aqueous solutions of transition and inner transition meatal ions. 014681 KANNAPPAN V, INDRA GANDHI N (Postgraduate and Research Department of Chemistry, , Chennai-600 005 ) : Ultrasonic studies on charge transfer complexes of certain aldehydes with benzylamine and cyclohexylamine as donors in n-hexane at 303K. 014682 KHANNA V K (MEMS and Microsensors, Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani-333 031, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Advances in chemical sensors, biosensors and microsystems based on ion-sensitive field-effect transistor. 014683 KHANNA V K, PRASAD M, DWIVEDI V K, CHANDRA SHEKHAR, PANKAJ A C, BASU J (Central Electronics Engineering Research Institute, Pilani-333 031) : Design and electro-thermal simulation of a polysilicon microheater on a suspended membrane for use in gas sensing. 014684 KONDA R B, PUSHPANJALI G M, MULGI S N, SATNOOR S K, HADALGI P M, HUNAGUND P V (Applied Electronics Dep, Gulbarga Univ, Gulbarga-585 106) : Design of wideband and multiband microstrip array antennas. 014685 KOUL S K, KUMBHAT A, BASU A (Center for Applied Research in Electronics, Indian Institute of Technology , Hauz-khas, New Delhi-110 016) : Micromachined conductor backed coplanar waveguides for millimeter wave circuit application. 014686 KUMAR V, PAL K, GUPTA G K (Physics Dep, D B S College, Dehradun, Uttaranchal) : Novel single resistance controlled sinusoidal oscillator using FTFN and OTA. 014687 LI WEIXUE, WANG Q, DAI J (Physics Dep, State Key Laboratory of New Nonferrous Metal Materials, Lanzhou University of Technology, 730 050, P R China, E-Mail : [email protected] Gour University, Sagar-470 003, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Electrode kinetics and ternary complexes of [Mn, Gopeshwar-246 101, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Synthesis of some bioactive analogues of phthalein dyes and their anticandidal activity. 014758 CHANDRA S, ANIL KUMAR, (Department of Chemistry, Zakir Hussain College, J.

College of Pharmacy, Harapanahalli-583 131, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Hepatoprotective and antioxidant activities of flowers of Calotropis procera (Ait) R.

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07, Bikaner-334 001) : Milk production potential and keeping quality of camel milk. 015052 GROVER A, KUMAR R, JINDAL S K (Community Medicine Dep, Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, , E-Mail : [email protected]) : Socio-demographic determinants of treatment-seeking behavior among chest symptomatics . 015053 GULERIA K, BANSAL S, AGARWAL N, GROVER V ( Obstetrics & Gynecology and Community Medicine Dep, University College of Medical Sciences and Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital, Delhi, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Women with septic abortion: Who, how and why? Hidayatullah Road, Azam Campus Camp, Pune-411 001, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Esthetic considerations for the interdental papilla: eliminating black triangles around restoraions. 015071 JAIN M K, BAGHEL P K, AGRAWAL R (Medicine Dep, , D-5, G. Hospital Campus, Rewa-486 001) : Study of impaired glucose tolerance in pulmonary tuberculosis. 015072 JAIN M, MISRA S K (Social & Preventive Medicine Dep, S. Medical College, Agra-282 002, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Qualitative assessment of health seeking behaviour and perceptions regarding quality of health care services among rural community of district Agra. 015073 JAISWAL A, PATRO B K, PANDAV C S (Centre for community Medicine, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, Ansari Nagar, New Delhi-110 029, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Occupational health and safety: role of academic institutions. Harisingh Gour Univ, Sagar, Madhya Pradesh) : Antidiabetic potential of medicinal plants. 014934 SHUKLA S K, SHUKLA S, KOCHE V, MISHRA S K (PTC Laboratory, School of Life Sciences, Pt Ravishankar Shukla Univ, Raipur-492 010, E-Mail : [email protected]) : In vitro propagation of tikhur (Curcuma angustifolia roxb.): a starch yielding plant. 014935 SINGH S P, SINGH J P (Horticulture Dep, Allahabad Agriculture, Institute-Deemed Univ, , Uttar Pradesh) : Variability, heritability and scope of improvement for yield components in okra (Abelmoschus esculentus (L.) Moench). 014936 SITARAMAM V (Biotechnology Dep, Pune Univ, Pune-411 007, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Common fallacies in plant physiology in understanding osmotolerance : newer methodology to define the phenotype. 014937 TANDON P, RATHORE T S, KUMARIA S (Botany Dep, Plant Biotechnology Laboratory, North-Eastern Hill Univ, Shillong-793 022) : Micropropagation of Coptis teeta wall.-threatened medicinal plant of Arunachal Pradesh, India. 014938 THIND S K, CHANPREET, SHARMA K (Botany Dep, Punjab Agricultural Univ, Ludhiana-141 001) : Cytosolute accumulation in water-stressed seedlings of mungbean CVS. ZOOLOGY 014942 ARORA PANDIT M, SAXENA R N (Zoology Dep, , Delhi-110 007) : Galanin stimulates h CG induced testicular steroidogenesis in adult but not in immature male rats. 014943 ARUNACHALAM M, MURALIDHARAN M (Sri Paramkalyani Centre for Environmental Sciences, Manonmaniam Sundaranar Univ, Alwarkurichi-627 412, E-Mail : [email protected]) : New record of Batasio sharavatiensis Bhatt and Jayaram from Tunga river, Karnataka . 014944 CHANDANSHIVE N E, KAMBLE S M, YADAV B E (Zoology Dep, , Madhya Pradesh, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Checklist of orthoptera of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh. 014946 JOSEPH S, THOMAS A P, SATHEESH R, SUGATHAN R ( Forestry and Ecology Div, National Remote Sensing Agency, Space Department, Balanagar-500 037) : Foraging ecology and relative abundance of large carnivores in Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary, state zoo. 014949 NEBESHWAR K, BAGRA K, DAS D N (Centre for diversity, Rajiv Gandhi University, Rono Hills, Itanagar, Arunachal Pradesh, E-Mail : [email protected]) : New species of the cyprinoid genus Psilorphynchoides Yazdani et al. 014950 NINGOMBAN B, BORDOLOI S (Resource Management and Environment Div, Institute of Advanced Study in Science and Technology, Vigyan Path, Paschim Boragaon, Guwahati-781 035, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Amphibian fauna of Loktak lake, Manipur, India with ten new records for the state. 014951 PRASAD G, ANVAR ALI P H (Department of Zoology, , Karivavattom Campus, Thiruvananthpuram, Kerala, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Length-weight relationship of a cyprind fish Puntius filamentosus from Chalakudy river, Kerala. 014952 RAMANUJAN M E, R ANBARASAN (Pitchandikulam Bioresources Centre, Auroville, Pondichery-605 101, E-Mail : [email protected]) : A preliminary report on the vertebrate diversity of the Kaliveli watershed region. 014953 ROOZBEHI A, ALMASI-TORK A, PIRYAEE A, SADEGHI Y ( Anatomical Sciences Department, , E-Mail : [email protected]) : Effect of cadimum on photoreceptors and ganglionic cells of retinal layer in mice embryo- an ultrastructural study. 014954 SAHOO D K, ROY A, CHATTOPADHYAY S, CHAINY G B N ( Department of Zoology, treatment on glutathione redox pool and its metabolizing enzymes in mitochondrial and post-mitochondrial fractions of adult rat testes. 014955 VISHWANATH W, DARSHAN A (Department of Life Sciences, , with description of three new species. 014957 VISHWANATH W, LINTHOINGAMBI I, JULIANA L (Life Sciences Dep, Manipur Univ, Canchipur, Manipur-795 003) : Fishes of the genus Akysis Bleeker from for Women, Chennai-600 008, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Effect of erythrosine on testicular function of mice. 014959 XAVIER A, HAQ M A (Department of Zoology, Government Arts and College, Calicut-673 018, , E-Mail : [email protected]) : Study on the feeding habits and gnathal appendages in oribatid mites (Acarina: cryptostigmata). 014960 XAVIER A, HAQ M A (Department of Zoology, government Arts and College, Calicut-673 [email protected]) : Study on the feeding habits and gnathal appendages in oribatid mites (acarina:cryptostigmata). BIOTECHNOLOGY 014961 AGARWAL M, KAMAL R (Botany Dep, , Chimanpura, Jaipur, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Flavonoid production using in vitro cultures of Momordica charantia L.. 014962 BALAMURUGAN V, REDDY G R, SURYANARAYANA V V S ( Molecular Virology Laboraotry, Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Hebbal, Bangalore-560 024, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Pichia pastoris: a notable heterologous expression system for the production of foreign proteins-vaccines. 014963 CARVALHO J C, OISHI B O, WOICIECHOWSKI A L, PANDEY A, BABITHA S, SOCCOL C R (Bioprocesses Engineering and Biotechnology Div, Technology Sector, Federal Univ of Parana, Centro Politecnico, Curitiba-PR, Brasil, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Effect of substrates on the production of Monascus biopigments by solid-state fermentation and pigment extraction using different solvents. 014964 CHIMOTE V P, PATTANAYAK D, NAIK P S (Crop Improvement Div, Central Potato Research Institute, Shimla-171 001, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Molecular and morphological divergence studies in Indian potato varieties. 014965 DUBEY S K, PANDEY A, MISHRA R, KAPOOR N, TIWARI A, MISRA K (Chemistry Dep, Centre for Biotechnology, Univ of Allahabad, Allahabad-211 002) : Site directed drug delivery by non-viral mode. 014966 GHOSH S B, NAGI L H S, GANAPATHI T R, PAUL KHURANA S M, BAPAT V A (Nuclear Agriculture and Biotechnology Div, Plant Cell Culture Technology Section, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, Trombay, Mumbai-400 085, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Development of coat protein gene mediated resistance against potato virus Y (PV Y) in potato cultivar kufri jyoti. 014967 HOTA S K, DUTTA J R, BANERJEE R (Microbial Biotechnology and Downstream Processing Laboratory, Agricultural and Food Engineering Dep, Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur-721 302, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Immobilization of tannase from Rhizopus oryzae and its efficiency to produce gallic acid from tannin rich agro-residues. 014968 KHAWALE R N, SINGH S K, VIMALA Y, MINAKSHI, ( Fruits and Horticultural Technology Div, Indian Agricultural Research Institute, New Delhi-110 012) : Assessment of clonal fidelity of micropropagated grape (Vitis vinifera L.) plants by RAPD analysis . 014969 LAVANYAD D, GHIVE D V, RAO N G V (Plant Breeding and Genetics Dep, Dr. 014970 MISRA L, WAGNER H (Central Institute of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants, Lucknow-226 015, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Extraction of bioactive principles from mucana pruriens seeds . 014971 NAIR S, KESHAVACHANDRAN R (Centre for Plant Biotechnology and Molecular Biology, College of Horticulture, Kerala Agricultural Univ, KAU PO 680656, , E-Mail : [email protected]) : Molecular diversity in Chakkarakolli (Gymnema sylvestre R. 015008 BHATTACHARYYA H K, AHMED F A, BUJARBARUAH K M ( Veterinary Clinical Services Complex, Faculty of Veterinary Sciences and Animal Husbandry, Shuhama, Alusteng, Srinagar-190 006) : Reproductive behaviour and genital organs in non pregnant and pregnant mithun (Bos frontalis). 015009 BHATTACHARYYA H K, BUJARBARUAH K M, GOSWAMI B K, BISWAS R K (Veterinary Clinical Service Complex, Faculty of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Shuhama, Alusteng, Srinagar-190 006) : Trial of semen collection by massage method in mithun (Bos frontalis) bulls. 015010 BHURE S K, KATARIA M, SOMVANSHI R (Indian Veterinary Research Institute, Izatnagar-243 122) : Blood biochemical studies of bracken and dryopteris fern fed hill heifer calves. 015011 BIBI P, PANDA P, PURTY A J, BAZROY J (Community Medicine Dep, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Pondicherry-605 014) : Awareness on HIV/AIDS among women in a refugee community. 015012 BISHNOI M, ANIL KUMAR, CHOPRA K, KULKARNI S K ( Centre with Potential for Excellence in Biomedical Sciences (CPEBS), Punjab Univ, Chandigarh-160 014, E-Mail : [email protected]) : Comparative neurochemical changes associated with chronic administration of typical and atypical neuroleptics: implications in tardive dyskinesia. 015013 BRAHMAPURKAR K P, LANJEWAR A G, BIRANJAN J R, ZODPEY S P (Preventive and Social Medicine Dep, Indira Gandhi Government Medical College, Nagpur) : Injuries in the glass factory workers, Nagpur. 015014 CALVIN S, JOSEPH B (Community Health Dep, city. 015015 CHATTERJEE P, BANERJEE A K, DAS P, DEBNATH P, CHATTERJEE P (Physical Education Dep, Kalyani Univ, Klayani, West Bengal) : Regression equation to predict V02 max of trainee badminton players. 015016 CHATTERJEE S, MITRA S K, CHATTERJEE P, BANDYOPADHYAY A (Physiology Dep, Calcutta Univ, Univ College of Science and Technology.