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His statue had been smashed into pieces by someone who was very angry at him and what he represented, although previous to this he must have been held in high regard.

The destruction of the statue, if Joseph, is predictable, given the destruction of Egypt during the Exodus.

He was therefore an Asiatic, Semitic person (Hebrew).

The mushroom hairstyle is also Semitic and non-Egyptian.

It may be a puzzle as to why Pharaoh would build a storage city in the very town the Hebrews lived in, until you remember that this was the main shipping hub at the beginning of the Way of Horus.

(see exodus route map above) Tel el-Dab'a was a city similar to modern port cities with millions of containers being loaded and offloaded from ocean tanker ships.

The Hyksos ruled for 100 years, displacing the Egyptians as the government of Egypt and were the Pharaohs who "knew Joseph" and cooperated with the Hebrews.

Ahmose I marks the beginning of the period of slavery and oppression for the Hebrews as a way to prevent the Hebrews from seeking the throne of Egypt.

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