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The survey reveals that an astonishing 43% of Americans believe that supporting the free speech rights of racists is the equivalent of sharing or agreeing with the views of said racists.

Let that asinine, yet widespread, belief sink in for a moment. Columbus, OH – The Ohio Supreme Court rejected the argument that the state’s statute requiring individuals to warn sexual partners of that they are HIV-positive violates the First Amendment.

The archdiocese wanted to buy space on the Metro for some Christmas themed ads. The archdiocese filed a federal lawsuit, arguing that the Metro’s refusal to run its ads “effectively silences any viewpoint that might challenge commercialism or consumerism or attempt to emphasize the religious reason for the season.” Oddly, an official charged with determining whether a prospective ad complies with Metro guidelines seemed to confirm that the archdiocese’s ad isn’t commercial enough for approval.

The official reportedly told the archdiocese that “if the advertisement had a commercial purpose, such as selling goods or services, then the advertisement would ... Houston, TX – The First Amendment, censorship, and politics have all converged on the back of a pickup truck in the Houston area.

The Swedish Prime Minister has backed calls for a sexual consent law which will mean more rape and sexual assault cases can be prosecuted.

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He challenged the law, arguing that it violates the First Amendment because “it does not prevent the ... Dickinson TX, – In a truly bizarre (and likely unconstitutional) convergence of hurricane relief and the First Amendment, City of Dickinson in Texas is tying Hurricane Harvey relief funds to recipients’ written agreement not to boycott Israel. Colorado Civil Rights Commission, the Court will decide whether a cake shop may refuse to make a wedding cake for gay couples.However, when damning and outright embarrassing excerpts were publicized prior to its official release, President Trump’s lawyers issued various cease and desist letters and even threatened to block it publication.The latter threat is about the most egregious violation of the First Amendment possible.On October 11, the City began accepting applications for grants to rebuild homes or businesses damaged by Harvey. Supreme Court will decided one of the most watched First Amendment cases in quite some time this term. The owner of the cake shop is reportedly a committed Christian and believes that only a man and a woman can marry, so he refused to enter into a contract to make the wedding cake for a gay couple.

The funds were donated to the Dickinson Harvey Relief Fund. They filed a complaint with the Colorado Civil Rights Commission, which ruled that the cake shop owner violated state law and ordered him to design and make cakes for same-sex weddings, attend a “re-education program,” and submit quarterly compliance reports with the Commission for two years.

And contrary to the values of an open society that both the United States and Great Britain and most of the advanced world adheres to. How else can one explain his alarming argument in a federal criminal trial that protesters at Trump’s inauguration should be convicted because they “agreed to destroy your city and now they are hiding behind the First Amendment.” As you may recall, hundreds of protestors took to the streets during Trump’s inauguration.

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