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01-Nov-2017 01:40

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You Tube launched the Partner Program and ad revenue-sharing in 2007, and the site has paid out billions of dollars to rights holders while helping to spawn a number of “You Tube celebrities” whose individual accounts can earn millions of dollars annually.

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You Tube also added that channels with less than 10,000 views would be able to keep any revenue they earned before today’s changes.Networks Fullscreen reached out to ask if I would join their network, where if I mentioned certain products in the first 30 seconds of my videos, I could earn up to CPM.In exchange, I would need to give them 30% of all my You Tube revenue.This would be horrible in my situation because I have few subscribers, and only a small percentage watch new videos.

Unless I can create new viral videos, this structure would be very costly.I have no way to guarantee that any future videos I make will get any views.

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