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An improvised performance featuring glimpses of the great saga was presented at Oulu pedestrian street on 1 May.A Yule celebration held on 22 December included prepared dishes, music and dance.These people have spent many long hours working on various translations and annotations and transliterations without which I would have not provided such a complete review. Tolkien's birthday on 3 January; Dragon Egg Hunt on Easter; Cormarë/Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthdays (incorporating the Exchange of Mathoms) on 22 September; and, a Yulemoot in December. Grigorev, Malcolm Lindley, Klaus Jørgensen, Chris Oakey, Peter Buchs, Mads V. 17-26 "Nyt fra Bri" by Lars-Terje Øland Lysemose, Kim Skotte, Sussi Hviid, Esse, Jak, Bo Tao Michäelis, jsp, and Jan Lyderik, pp. News about the society and newspaper clippings about Tolkien and the society: "Troldmanden fra Oxford" in "J. "Breve til Athelas" by Mary Butler, John West, Mads V. The Summer Outing (including The I Taniquetilic Games) was held at the Suomenlinna Sea Fortress, Helsinki, Finland, on 31 July; the Wintermoot in Helsinki, Finland, on 18 December. "Vuosisadan Odotettu Juhla Uskomaton Tolkien-viikko kiteytti Keski-Maan hengen" by Mikael Ahlström, pp. Extensive report on the Tolkien Centenary Conference in Oxford, England, in August 1992; includes many photographs of Oxford and conference attendees. Air Force Band's CD/cassette release of de Meij's The Lord of the Rings symphony; "Leaf by Niggle" performed in The Netherlands; formation of the Società Tolkieniana Italiana; the merging of Tolkiens Følge and the Danmarks Tolkienforeingen; and, a letter from Priscilla Tolkien thanking the FTS for a gift and describing her father's opinion of Finland. Held an annual Easter convention from 10-11 April in Laajasalo, Helsinki, Finland; annual midsummer feast 25-27 June in Karhusaari, Sipoo, Finland; annual fall-bakkanaal on 28 September in Linnunlaulu, Helsinki, Finland, to celebrate the capture of those miserable no-good hobbits.My hat is off to Åke Bertenstam, Vyacheslav Kozlov, Svetlana Likhacheva, Anatoly Stegalin, and Agnieszka Sylwanowicz. Even though I have promised a free printed copy to everyone who contributes, I fear that I cannot do this with the next issue. There are Dragonflights and Hobbit High Teas at university Open Day and Orientation Week as well as various other excursions and events. Stigaard, Magne Bergland, René van Rossenberg, Nils Ivar Agøy, Søren Fisker, Paul Kater, Gerhard Menzl, Jørgen Mathiasen, Samhost d. Participated with an information and sales desk at Finncon 93 SF festival in Helsinki, Finland, on 7-8 August. The organization's library (a small collection of Tolkien books and fanzines) opened on 24 April (address: c/o Finnish Comics Society, Kauppakartanonkatu 16, 00930 Helsinki, Finland, open Monday and Wednesday from 4 pm to 8 pm Tuesday and Thursday from noon to 4 pm). "Lukijankirjeitä" by Anu Pölkki, Jaakko Kankaanpää, Sami Kaarla, Jarmo Ollikainen, Mikael Ahlström, Merja Polvinen, and Mika-Petri Lauronen, pp. Comments on whether the Finnish Tolkien Society should remain a 'fantasy' group or solely Tolkien oriented. Other activities include roleplaying, strategy games, happenings, etc. Bullshit, Jukka Laajarinne, Jukka Halme, Sami Kaarla, Tapani Ronni, Marko Kivelä, Mika P.The entry format and criteria is (mostly) unchanged from the last edition so I will not repeat it here. I think that it is a testament to the popularity of Tolkien's works that in 1993 there were over 100 differently titled publications devoted to Tolkien in over a dozen different languages. It is easier, say, to accurately show the placement of cities in Poland than it is the United States.As always, I am open to any new ideas which you might have. There doesn't seem to be any slowdown, especially in the C. A single number can cover tens of miles or hundreds of miles.Those of you who have a diskette copy of this will find that a single typeface is used, while the printed copy has been altered to include a different font with the additional characters. Tolkien's books unpublished so far in this country, specialized articles on Middle-Earth (including both translations and original work), reviews of the Professor's and other fantasy books and the members' own writing. In addition, the members of the Society, who come from different parts of both the Czech and Slovak Republics, have the opportunity to gather at regular meetings four times a year. include maintenance and distribution of the address-list of the members, publishing of additional material, contact with the Czech publishers of Tolkien's books, the Tolkien Society in the UK and the Mythopoeic Society in the USA and work towards greater general knowledge about John Ronald Reuel Tolkien's work in the Czech Republic.

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"Whenever I read (or rather see) something Scandinavian (with crossed letters and those °s over them) in an otherwise English, or Polish, text, I'm always impressed by the editor's care and their respect for the foreign language and its users as expressed by their going to this much trouble in reproducing the specific alphabet." Not ever wanting you to think that I do not care, Agnieszka, here you are..four hours of work! Activities: Hosted a conference at the university titled "New Perspectives: Culture, Society, Gender and Belief in Mythopoeic Literature" from 23-25 September. Tolkien au Quebec et son Centenaire" by Alain Jacques, pp. History of Tolkien events in Québec, Canada, including the dramatic troupe "Le Théâtre San Fil", the fan group "Le Club les Hobbits", recent fantasy influence by Tolkien and centenary events. The author describes how the name 'Tolkien' can sell French editions and gives examples (by size measurement) of how the publishers exploit this. The most important Society's activity seems to be the publishing of the magazines: The newsletter called provides news on the current activities within the Society, reports of the events past and announcements of those under way, and brief articles on J. The members of the Society are also allowed to make use of its library. On 15 and 16 August they had a meeting in Viborg, Denmark, where they also began planning the great Tolkien event of 1994: Nordens Tolkien-festival '94. Tolkien 101th Anniversary and Finnish Tolkien Society 1st Anniversary Celebration was held in Helsinki, Finland, on 3 January.is produced by Gary Hunnewell (Hildifons Took), 2030 San Pedro, Arnold, MO 63010 USA (Phone (314) 464 3856; Internet [email protected]).