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Works a treat in fruity cocktails – just don’t pour it over your cornflakes.Buy now Warner Edwards’ first batch of gin was produced in a 200-year old Northamptonshire barn in 2012.

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It’s the essence of the outdoor elements and a great alternative to gin or vodka when served with tonic.Buy now Dorset’s cows have been busy doing their bit for the English booze industry, providing milk destined for the Black Cow copper pots.Whey is fermented, after the curds are separated for cheese making, before being distilled and triple filtered, resulting in a smooth and vanilla-sweet vodka with a good boozy kick to finish.Buy now Distillers are becoming increasingly keen to produce gins that lean on unusual flavours, and we’ve found room for one such spirit in our list.

Nettles give this gin a prominent herbaceous focus which sits happily alongside the more familiar fruity and bitter juniper flavours.So whether you’re looking for a shot of something strong to be taken neat, or a new booze for your favourite cocktail, there’s a special English spirit for everyone.