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02-Nov-2017 07:13

It didn't hurt that she'd been held back at least once class making her a year or two older than anyone else in our class.Someone once joked she was the only girl they knew in school who could buy beer for a party legally although I thought that was a little bit of an exaggeration.It was one of the older classrooms in the school, not much different from when our parents went to school here. On the first day of class I was running late and at first I thought the class was full.Actually, it was just the front of the classroom where the door was that was filled and the last row of stools was empty.If not, she would leave enough buttons undone to accomplish the same effect.Usually she wore a bra but I think it was more to show off the bra than for any support it might offer.

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Her skirts were always as short as the dress code allowed and usually shorter.

I found myself seated at one of the lab tables in the rear of the classroom next to Robin.