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You may then start the pile again with whatever card you wish.

Once the deck is depleted and you have removed all cards from your hand you can move on to the face up cards. If you have to pick up the centre pile, you must then once more get rid of your hand before going back to the face up cards.

Boo Buddy is not just an EMF bear but an interactive investigator, asking questions and reacting to any changes in the environment just like a human investigator. (AKA Alex gets a package, John is an asshole about it, and the bear has the last laugh.) All John wanted to do was watch some traditional Christmas movies and spend his first weekend off relaxing, but between Alex's questions and Lafayette's sudden temper, maybe he should have just stayed in bed.(AKA John introduces Alex to the Muppets and Lafayette has some feelings.) It's the last few weeks of winter break and the endless calm is making Alexander twitchy.

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Chapter Fifteen: Alex before and after John gets his tattoo.

He's going to study and hunt ghosts under the tutelage of George Washington, just like he predicted in his ten year plan.