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05-Jun-2017 10:02

So i would have to say that Gemini men do not cheat anymore than any other sign.Remember the key to getting a Gemini man is that we love the hunt and want you to make us work for it, and we are dissapointed when you make it too easy for us.But he said he absolutely loves me and made a long term decision to be a family man and be committed to me.But when we met, it has been some what a battle and I had to figure him out. I'm sure they don't mean to cause pain in the relationship but I so believe that once you lay the rules down and your expectations. We are still doing wonderful and love being together to this day! Their Such Great Actors, I Like To Call Gemmen Actors Because They "Act" Like They Care, Like/Love, And Can't Be Without You.But no he still cheated on me several times with her behind my back while he physically abused and neglected me and used me for my money and a home until he got a job.

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found out he was trying to convince her tht he would leave mewhen he got a job. but i couldnt put up with the abuse and neglect any longer.I don't work but he certainly pays all the bills - due to I am a homemaker.