Updating radeon 9250 requires admin rights to make changes Partnervermittlung wetzlar

07-Nov-2017 10:47

i fixed pc's for 2 years i saw poor familys who could not afford their pc fixed and 99999999 times out of 100 the fault was windows, something screwed up something was not working, security flaw this, crashed and damaged the hard drive that.Rarely did I see the users screwing up their own pc most of the time they were just honest hard working people that m$ over charged and then let down.And you can't actually do anything while it does so - The default UI is clunky and ugly - The Control Center has two different look and feels available, making "support by phone" harder than it needs to be, since the two are not "compatible" with each other.- On the Tablet-edition, the taskbar gets screwed up occasionally.But it's yet another app consuming memory and CPU-cycles. There is also that general feel of "clunkiness" in XP. But this is something that I can't point with my finger, so I haven't listed it above.Most of your problems seem to be about the shell rather than the operating system, so just as people who don't like gnome use KDE why not use another shell?My list of problems with XP: - It takes ages to boot.Yes, you get the desktop quite fast, but then it still spends ages to load all that background-crap.

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And I don't like Microsoft in general as a company, and try to stay away from their products now (and that's a challenge in it's self as I have to use their software everyday at work).

You love windows go to a windows forum, I dont wana have to read another one of these stupid threads I vote it be jailed or backyarded it has nothing to do with this community and will only annoy people.

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