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Harumi later shifted the housekeeping agency to Okinawa, bringing Mita along with her. However, he wanted to divorce his wife to marry Kazama, with whom he was having an affair. After the children found out, he and his children fell apart, and were only reunited with Mita's help.

This also led to him being sacked from his prestigious job as a section chief in a reputable company.

He has a calm personality, and is the one who comes up with solutions to solve the family's problems.

Kaito's name is a pun, meaning that he will be "the one who finds answers to the family's problems". She is a very inquisitive girl, and always asks the question of "What is [that]?

His name Kakeru symbolizes his role as the protector of the Asuda family. He is a sixth-grade student in elementary school, and is the class president of his class.

Kaito aims to achieve high grades in order to enter a prestigious privately run junior high school.

They get Mita, an impassive person who does her job impeccably, but speaks in monotones and completely suppresses her emotions.

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During this period of time, the family becomes fragmented, as they each blame themselves for the mother's death.

He is also a hot-headed person, and always makes rash decisions.

However, he is very protective of his family members.

Yui later acted as a mother to the rest of the family, helping out with housework and making important decisions for them.

Yui's name implies her role in the family - the role of being the one who bonds the family. He is a student in a public junior high school, and the captain of the school's basketball team.

With the family having found their priorities in life, Mita leaves the family on Christmas Day to work for yet another household.

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