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It allows you to specify which users are allowed to look at this file. The parameter is usually left out when dealing with text files, but there are some very useful situations under binary files for which this parameter must be set.There are a number of options that can be given for this parameter.This is not a course in file processing, but it suffices to say that if we could move the file pointer directly to the record containing the data we would have to read from the file just once.The This function accepts no parameters, but returns the location given in bytes from the beginning of the file where the file pointer is currently sitting.Your program should then open the stream and call the member function with the appropriate stream.The member function should then go through each data field of the object writing them out in a particular order.Accessing a binary file from a C program (by not using the old C functions) requires firstly attaching a stream variable to the file.

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Using streams for file processing is certainly possible in C , but most C textbooks do not include any information regarding the full functionality of streams.

Before any operation can take place on a file, it of course must be opened, and when you are finished with the file, it should be closed to avoid loss of data.